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The Alex Box Book Launch

Alex's book launch with Rankin last night was a complete success, fabulous exhibition too. Good effort Alex!
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Tabloid stories...

These stories appeared in the news this week about my shoot with British Vogue on Alex Curran

Wolf Gang 'The King and All His Men' music video at Shepperton Studio's

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VV Brown at Shoreditch House

I finally saw VV play at Shoreditch House's O2 party last night, she's very talented...
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James Brown SuperModel Salon

See James' new TV documentary on e4 on tomorrow, Tuesday 13th October at 2200.
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Also this for Glamour Magazine

It even made the TV guides!

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Hair done by Becky!

The irony was that she was doing it at James Brown's birthday party! See her fabulous writing on: