Canali Blue Tones

Canali 1934 was founded in Italy as a family-run business and is known for its contemporary lounge suits and its clean, sharp modern design. The brand came to London in the 1970's.

Canali's most recent collection introduces a tonal blue quality.

Shot on the beach during Cannes Film Festival. As quoted by Canali- 'What better occasion than a red carpet premiere to don your favourite tux? This particular style comes with a micro-mesh texture that adds a dynamic touch to the ensemble.  The jacket features a silk shawl collar that matches the stripes on the legs. Finish off the look with a formal white dress shirt,  a bow tie and a pair of patent leather lace-ups for a truly elegant aesthetic that is perfect for even the most glamorous of events.'

As seen on Richard Biedul who also featured in my last exhibition English Rogues

Find out more about at Canali
Image permission officially given by Canali 

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